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Plarin offers both a self-service (SaaS) solution as well as a fully managed service offering that leverages the deep knowledgebase of our experienced professionals. Our team of social media advertising experts is one of the most experienced in the industry and even our SaaS clients enjoy access to it. Both offerings provide outstanding technical and functional support to all our customers.


Let us manage your campaigns or get full support for implementation and hands-on training to maximize your ads performance.


We have special features and pricing just for you. One-man shops and small agencies start up plans are also available.


Drive installs, usage, and sharing with tailored ad creation and unique bid algorithms.

Self-Service Solution (SaaS)

By licensing Plarin you get access to the full range of features and benefits we offer through the platform. You will receive comprehensive training on how to create, manage and optimize campaigns and generate reports using our system, guidance notes on campaign optimization and gain access to regular webinars on new releases, features and best practices.

Furthermore, you will benefit from first class support and consultative advice from a dedicated Account Manager. Our Account Management team is hugely experienced. Finally, from a technical perspective our development team is distributed across the globe provide nearly 24 hour tech support.


Our SaaS pricing model is very simply. We offer two options ranging from no money or $0 to a tiered payment based on the volume of your monthly VK Ad spend.

Plarin's NO Money Option is available for customers running their AD campaigns through Plarin's AD Account with VK. Please note that your average VK Ad spend should be not less than a $10,000/month in order to apply for this option.

If you are willing to use Plarin Ad Manager with your company's VK Ad account our second option is for you. Within this option your monthly payment will consist of a flat fee of minimum $1,000/month for support plus a percentage of your monthly VK AD spend and the percentage goes down, the more you spend.

Here’s what you can expect as Plarin SaaS client:

  • 14 day free trial
  • Free account set-up
  • Unlimited training from our world-class team
  • Syncing of existing VK campaigns
  • Dedicated Account Manager and technical support
  • Unlimited usage
  • Monthly product update emails
  • Regular webinars on new features and best practices

Fully Managed Solution

The Plarin Fully Managed Service is ideal for advertisers who are looking to spend over $30,000 per month on VK Advertising.

This Includes:

  • Full campaign management
  • Campaign set up
  • Targeting and segmentation planning
  • Creative generation as requested (image and copy)
  • Daily optimization
  • Regular reporting
  • Campaign review
  • Delivery of non-VK (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) social campaigns

The team has a wide range of experience: from traditional Digital Display and Search backgrounds to creative design. This blend of skills provides our clients with the best solution to their VK marketing problems. We can manage campaigns globally and provide support nearly at any time of day or night.


Depending on the type of campaign we offer different pricing to meet your needs:

  • No Money (through Plarin's AD account with VK)
  • Percentage of Spend
  • Fixed CPA
  • CPF (Cost per fan)
  • Other tailored models


Get full support for implementation and hands-on training.
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Not sure which level of service is right for you? Do you think you might need some help in the beginning and then use our self-service solution? You may be asking yourself, who will manage your ads when the person responsible for that going to be out of the office?

Our pricing model is based on your requirements, we offer fully flexible, on-demand services to meet your needs and we will often meet or beat any competitive offer. Contact us and we would be pleased to design a custom service package to meet your every specific need.