Product Overview

The Ad Manager is a software that integrates with the VK® Ads API to automate the labor-intensive process of managing and optimizing large-scale VK advertising campaigns to maximize ROI. This sophisticated ad management system opens up new opportunities on VK by delivering automated rules based optimization, bulk ads creation and editing, automated bid optimization algorithms, advanced reporting and analytics, while significantly simplifying campaign creation and management process.

Specially designed for agencies and advertisers with performance goals to manage large-scale VK ad campaigns effectively and effeciently

We are proud Plarin Ad Manager to be designated by VK as a Certified Ad Management System since the certification program was initially launched in January 2013. This exclusive status provides Plarin improved business support and priority access to the VK products and engineering teams.

To learn more about VK Certified Ad Management Systems please visit:

Features Summary

Social advertising is a very different than traditional Search and Display advertising and as such we offer our customers functionality to solve problems, which is specific to it. If you have ever managed a social ad campaign you will know how tricky and time-consuming it can be to run and analyze advertisements at scale, that is why all of Plarin’s features are designed with two things in mind: improving performance and saving time. This focus means that a significant number of our features are unique to the Plarin's platform.

Multivariate Ads Setup

Create thousands of ads in seconds using a multitude of creative and targeting combinations. Simply add titles, texts, URLs and images all the rest is done automatically.

Mass Editing Capabilities

Bulk manage hundreds of ads and campaigns quickly and effectively using advanced filters or by grouping ads together in folders. Impossible to do manually.

Creative & Target Templates

Use templates both for creatives and targeting to speed up your ads creation process in future. Improve saved templates based on statistics to get better results.

Real Time Bidding

Optimize toward profitability through customizable real-time bidding algorithms that continuously update to deliver maximum value within budget.

Rules Based Optimization

Set up fully customizable optimization rules to define when your campaigns and ads should be paused, cloned or reposted depending on your KPI’s.

Conversion Tracking

Explore CPA & conversion data directly in Plarin. Plarin supports both goal and ecommerce tracking from Google Analytics as well as multiple conversion tracking.

Auto-split Targeting

Use auto-split targeting feature to create ads for different social segments, such as geography, gender and age.

Campaigns Scheduling

Use dayparting feature to define what days of the week and at what time your ads should run to reach your target audience.

Illustrative Graphs

Identify trends more quickly and consequently with illustrative graphs. Compare different metrics simultaneously on a single graph.

Activity Logging

Explore activity log to get full insight into your campaign history. All the activity both by users and Plarin is accessible there at a glance.

Email notifications

Enable email notification on critial events to be aware ones any of the rules is triggered or your desired targets are met.

Multi-Language UI

Select your prefered UI language. Plarin Ad Manager is the only VK Ad Management System that supports both English and Russian UI.

Excel Export

Select campaigns or ads, define what metrics you wish to export and click export button. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

One Click Copying

Copy and repost your campaigns and ads in one click to reset your Quality Score and bring down CPCs.


Find the exact people you want to talk to, using emails, phone numbers or VK user IDs to make the match.

In The Pipeline

As part of our commitment to excellence, we are constantly updating Plarin Ad Manager based on the needs of our customers to ensure we are on the cutting edge of technology. We encourage you to send us your comments and suggestions to help us decide what to release next. We read all feedback carefully, but please note that we cannot respond to all the comments you submit. Use this form to send us your ideas.

Image Library

Resize and crop images directly in Plarin Ad Manager, save them in a folder structure for easy sorting and access in future.

Report Builder

Use built-in templates that highlight actionable data to make quick and efficient decisions. Export reports to PDF or share via email.